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Hi, my name is Michael Levi and I'm a student at Brooklyn College.

One of my hobbies is maintaining Resurrection Remix, a custom rom for Android. Compiling roms can take anywhere between 2 and 10 (or more!) hours, and worse yet, it can fail at any moment. My first builds had many errors, and even though the builds failed after 10 minutes, I wouldn't notice that until hours later when I expected it to be finished, resulting in many wasted hours. This project was an attempt to create an drop-in solution to be notified for any long-running task.

Throughout the development of this project, I learned many new (to me) technologies, including Java Servlets & JSP's, MySQL, NoSQL and Authentication with Firebase, JavaScript, Ajax, Web UI frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI, communication using JSON objects and HTTP requests, as well as more advanced Android features such as services, notifications, and in-app purchases.

After the initial release of the project in November 2018, I spent the next two months learning the Spring framework and migrating the project to Spring Boot. This version of the website you are looking at right now takes advantage of Spring Controllers, Rest Controllers, and Thymeleaf templates instead of JSPs, as well as other Spring features such as Dependency Injection, Security, and built in scheduling.

Overall, it's been an amazing learning experience. Every time I learned one technology and learned how to use it, I would find a better way to do the same thing. For example, this site originally used Ajax to communicate with the server because Firebase authentication was done through JavaScript, but when I learned how to record the authentication details using session tracking, the use of servlets and JSP's took over control. Then, the project served as a perfect training grounds for learning Spring, and thanks to how easy Spring makes the MVC pattern, I was able to incorporate that into the project.

Who knows what else I'll be able to use this project to learn? I'm thinking something along the lines of Spring Data + PostgreSQL instead of Firebase, and maybe even a JS framework or two.